My grandfather Sven Bertil Uhlén passed away in 2000 with emptiness and sadness .. Wished that he has lived still today and have been able to help me with my breeding plans, come with his good sound advice. As you probably many of you have heard!

It all started when  my grandfather bought his first two Arabian mares from Polen in 1964 With the help of Penelope Lewenhaupt. Silver Silhouette and Falling Blosson. Silver Silhouette bred several times with Essaul and got a number of excellent offsprings. Among other Silver Starlet who was Swedish National Champion. SB 1965 bought Grobla and Cisawica which was then covered with Gwarny and gave birth in 1966 one of Sweden's most beautiful Arabian mares of the history, Nidshem. G, C and N horses are Papa's signum that you can follow by their initial letter.

The name "Papa's"
My Grandfather was a very goof horse man who loved their horses. Sold belong other horses to the USA where he was very big. There, they called him "Papa." As Idingstad manor was Papa's Arabians.

Third generation...
Then a few years back, it is me Susanna Uhlén, who drives Papa's Arabians (of course with my mom & dad's encouragement) pass through my two mares Classica and Candanza.